The current three points for a win system was introduced in England in the 1981-82 season, but did not become very popular until it was used in the 1994 World Cup finals. Fifa made three points for a win part of its Laws of the Game in 1995, and they were adopted worldwide ahead of the 1995-96 season. In theory, this system is supposed to encourage more attacking play, as teams will not settle for a draw if the prospect of gaining three points outweighs the prospect of losing one point.

Wining a match does not always mean great entertainment

The three points for a win has an important flaw. Wining a match does not always mean great entertainment. There are too many ugly matches with the folowing scenario: once ahead, a team becomes more conservative and either increases their ball possesion without threatening their opponents goal or increase destructive effort. In both cases, the result is fewer attempts to score by either team. When Brasil is giving up their philosophy win by scoring at least one goal more than the opponent is obvious that something needs to be changed.

It is time to make a change

It is time to make a change because nowadays football is played for points not for viewers. Viewers not emotionally involved in one match wish to see entertainment. The entertainment means goals. As many goals as possible. By engaging as many viewers as possible everybody involved in this phenomenon would gain: tv stations, Fifa, the organizing federation or association, and not least, teams.

The system that rewards better the goals

To encourage more scoring, I propose the following system of points awarded:

  • Match won by 3 or more, 4 points awarded to the wining team. Thus, once a goal is scored, the team will not retreat to defend the lead but will try to score more to gain the extra point.
  • Match won by 1 or 2, 3 points awarded to the wining team.
  • Match drawn with at least 4 goals scored, 2 points awarded to both teams. Thus, the positive team trying to score more to win all 4 points will not be punished too harsh.
  • Match drawn with 0-0 or 1-1 final score, 1 point awarded to both teams.
  • Match lost by 1 or 2, no points awarded to the losing team.
  • Match lost by 3 or more, -1 point deducted to the losing team, again to encourage more scoring.

Please find Romanian Liga I Table season 2014-15 below according to the proposed system. This example is for demonstration purposes only and is irrelevant because the teams did not adapt their tactics to my system.

Game week:

Game week 1

1CFR 1907 Cluj114-04
2Dinamo Bucureşti114-04
3Gaz Metan Mediaş113-04
4Steaua Bucureşti113-13
5Astra Giurgiu112-03
6Petrolul Ploieşti111-03
7CSU Craiova111-11
8Pandurii Târgu Jiu111-11
9ASA Tîrgu Mureş110-01
10CSMS Iaşi110-01
11F.C. Viitorul110-01
12Universitatea Cluj110-01
13F.C. Braşov110-10
14Rapid Bucureşti111-30
15Concordia Chiajna110-20
16F.C. Botoşani110-3-1
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ110-4-1
18Oţelul Galaţi110-4-1

Fixtures / Results

Concordia Chiajna0-2Astra Giurgiu
CSU Craiova1-1Pandurii Târgu Jiu
ASA Tîrgu Mureş0-0Universitatea Cluj
Rapid Bucureşti1-3Steaua Bucureşti
F.C. Botoşani0-3Gaz Metan Mediaş
CFR 1907 Cluj4-0Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
F.C. Braşov0-1Petrolul Ploieşti
CSMS Iaşi0-0F.C. Viitorul
Dinamo Bucureşti4-0Oţelul Galaţi

Game week 2

1Astra Giurgiu2117-07
2Dinamo Bucureşti2117-27
3Petrolul Ploieşti2115-17
4Steaua Bucureşti226-26
5CFR 1907 Cluj2114-05
6ASA Tîrgu Mureş2114-15
7Gaz Metan Mediaş2113-05
8Rapid Bucureşti2113-43
9Concordia Chiajna2112-33
10Pandurii Târgu Jiu221-12
11CSMS Iaşi220-02
12Universitatea Cluj2112-31
13F.C. Viitorul2111-21
14CSU Craiova2112-41
15Oţelul Galaţi2111-6-1
16F.C. Braşov2110-6-1
17F.C. Botoşani221-7-2
18Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ221-8-2

Fixtures / Results

Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ1-4ASA Tîrgu Mureş
F.C. Viitorul1-2Rapid Bucureşti
Oţelul Galaţi1-2Concordia Chiajna
Steaua Bucureşti3-1CSU Craiova
Petrolul Ploieşti4-1F.C. Botoşani
Astra Giurgiu5-0F.C. Braşov
Pandurii Târgu Jiu0-0CFR 1907 Cluj
Gaz Metan Mediaş0-0CSMS Iaşi
Universitatea Cluj2-3Dinamo Bucureşti

Game week 3

1Petrolul Ploieşti32110-211
2Steaua Bucureşti337-29
3Dinamo Bucureşti31118-38
4Astra Giurgiu31117-17
5ASA Tîrgu Mureş3125-26
6Gaz Metan Mediaş3124-16
7CFR 1907 Cluj31114-15
8Universitatea Cluj31114-34
9Rapid Bucureşti31114-54
10F.C. Viitorul31113-43
11CSU Craiova31114-63
12Concordia Chiajna3122-53
13Pandurii Târgu Jiu3211-22
14CSMS Iaşi3211-51
15F.C. Botoşani3122-71
16Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ3122-81
17Oţelul Galaţi31112-70
18F.C. Braşov31111-70

Fixtures / Results

CSU Craiova2-2F.C. Viitorul
Rapid Bucureşti1-1Gaz Metan Mediaş
Pandurii Târgu Jiu0-1Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
Dinamo Bucureşti1-1ASA Tîrgu Mureş
F.C. Botoşani1-0Astra Giurgiu
CSMS Iaşi1-5Petrolul Ploieşti
CFR 1907 Cluj0-1Steaua Bucureşti
Concordia Chiajna0-2Universitatea Cluj
F.C. Braşov1-1Oţelul Galaţi

Game week 4

1Steaua Bucureşti41313-213
2Petrolul Ploieşti421110-212
3Astra Giurgiu41219-210
4Dinamo Bucureşti41129-49
5ASA Tîrgu Mureş41127-29
6Gaz Metan Mediaş41125-19
7CFR 1907 Cluj411116-18
8Universitatea Cluj41215-45
9Rapid Bucureşti41214-55
10F.C. Botoşani4223-74
11CSU Craiova41124-73
12F.C. Viitorul41123-63
13Concordia Chiajna4132-73
14Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ41123-92
15CSMS Iaşi42112-71
16F.C. Braşov42112-81
17Pandurii Târgu Jiu42111-81
18Oţelul Galaţi41212-80

Fixtures / Results

Gaz Metan Mediaş1-0CSU Craiova
Steaua Bucureşti6-0Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Astra Giurgiu2-1CSMS Iaşi
Petrolul Ploieşti0-0Rapid Bucureşti
ASA Tîrgu Mureş2-0Concordia Chiajna
Oţelul Galaţi0-1F.C. Botoşani
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ1-1Dinamo Bucureşti
Universitatea Cluj1-1F.C. Braşov
F.C. Viitorul0-2CFR 1907 Cluj

Game week 5

1Petrolul Ploieşti522112-215
2Steaua Bucureşti513113-313
3Astra Giurgiu513111-213
4CFR 1907 Cluj5211110-212
5Dinamo Bucureşti51139-410
6ASA Tîrgu Mureş511218-49
7Gaz Metan Mediaş511216-58
8F.C. Botoşani5324-77
9Universitatea Cluj51225-55
10Rapid Bucureşti51224-75
11Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ52124-95
12F.C. Viitorul51224-74
13F.C. Braşov512114-94
14Concordia Chiajna51132-74
15CSU Craiova51134-93
16CSMS Iaşi53112-72
17Pandurii Târgu Jiu53112-92
18Oţelul Galaţi52212-81

Fixtures / Results

F.C. Braşov2-1ASA Tîrgu Mureş
Concordia Chiajna0-0Dinamo Bucureşti
Pandurii Târgu Jiu1-1F.C. Viitorul
Steaua Bucureşti0-1Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
F.C. Botoşani1-0Universitatea Cluj
Rapid Bucureşti0-2Astra Giurgiu
CSU Craiova0-2Petrolul Ploieşti
CSMS Iaşi0-0Oţelul Galaţi
CFR 1907 Cluj4-1Gaz Metan Mediaş

Game week 6

1Astra Giurgiu623116-217
2Steaua Bucureşti614114-316
3Petrolul Ploieşti6221113-415
4CFR 1907 Cluj6221112-315
5Dinamo Bucureşti612311-513
6ASA Tîrgu Mureş6122110-512
7Universitatea Cluj62227-58
8Gaz Metan Mediaş6112116-78
9Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ63126-98
10F.C. Botoşani63125-97
11Pandurii Târgu Jiu613114-95
12Rapid Bucureşti61234-95
13F.C. Viitorul61234-84
14Oţelul Galaţi612214-84
15F.C. Braşov612215-114
16Concordia Chiajna61142-94
17CSMS Iaşi63212-92
18CSU Craiova611314-142

Fixtures / Results

Gaz Metan Mediaş0-2Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ2-0Concordia Chiajna
Dinamo Bucureşti2-1F.C. Braşov
F.C. Viitorul0-1Steaua Bucureşti
ASA Tîrgu Mureş2-1F.C. Botoşani
Astra Giurgiu5-0CSU Craiova
Petrolul Ploieşti1-2CFR 1907 Cluj
Oţelul Galaţi2-0Rapid Bucureşti
Universitatea Cluj2-0CSMS Iaşi

Game week 7

1Steaua Bucureşti715117-419
2CFR 1907 Cluj7321116-419
3Astra Giurgiu7231117-616
4Petrolul Ploieşti7222114-516
5ASA Tîrgu Mureş71212112-714
6Dinamo Bucureşti7123113-813
7F.C. Botoşani74128-1110
8Universitatea Cluj72238-78
9F.C. Braşov7112219-128
10Gaz Metan Mediaş7112217-108
11Rapid Bucureşti72236-108
12Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ731126-118
13F.C. Viitorul711236-87
14Pandurii Târgu Jiu714115-106
15CSU Craiova7111315-145
16Oţelul Galaţi712314-94
17CSMS Iaşi713214-114
18Concordia Chiajna711413-133

Fixtures / Results

F.C. Braşov4-1Concordia Chiajna
Steaua Bucureşti3-1Gaz Metan Mediaş
F.C. Viitorul2-0Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
CFR 1907 Cluj4-1Astra Giurgiu
CSMS Iaşi2-2ASA Tîrgu Mureş
Rapid Bucureşti2-1Universitatea Cluj
F.C. Botoşani3-2Dinamo Bucureşti
CSU Craiova1-0Oţelul Galaţi
Pandurii Târgu Jiu1-1Petrolul Ploieşti

Game week 8

1Steaua Bucureşti816120-622
2CFR 1907 Cluj8331117-422
3Astra Giurgiu8241119-719
4ASA Tîrgu Mureş81312113-717
5Petrolul Ploieşti8222216-816
6Dinamo Bucureşti8133114-816
7F.C. Botoşani8411211-1412
8Gaz Metan Mediaş81222110-1111
9F.C. Braşov811122111-1410
10Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ8311128-1310
11Universitatea Cluj82248-98
12Rapid Bucureşti82246-118
13CSU Craiova8211317-148
14F.C. Viitorul811247-117
15Pandurii Târgu Jiu814216-126
16Concordia Chiajna8111416-165
17Oţelul Galaţi812414-104
18CSMS Iaşi813314-124

Fixtures / Results

Gaz Metan Mediaş3-1F.C. Viitorul
ASA Tîrgu Mureş1-0Rapid Bucureşti
Concordia Chiajna3-3F.C. Botoşani
Oţelul Galaţi0-1CFR 1907 Cluj
Dinamo Bucureşti1-0CSMS Iaşi
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ2-2F.C. Braşov
Astra Giurgiu2-1Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Petrolul Ploieşti2-3Steaua Bucureşti
Universitatea Cluj0-2CSU Craiova

Game week 9

1CFR 1907 Cluj9341118-425
2Steaua Bucureşti9161120-623
3Astra Giurgiu92411119-720
4Dinamo Bucureşti9233117-820
5Petrolul Ploieşti9232219-919
6ASA Tîrgu Mureş91312213-817
7Gaz Metan Mediaş912122112-1313
8F.C. Botoşani94111211-1413
9Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ93211210-1512
10F.C. Braşov911132111-1411
11CSU Craiova9311318-1411
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu91142110-1210
13Universitatea Cluj92258-108
14Concordia Chiajna9211418-178
15F.C. Viitorul911258-147
16Rapid Bucureşti922416-147
17CSMS Iaşi913415-144
18Oţelul Galaţi912424-143

Fixtures / Results

CSMS Iaşi1-2Concordia Chiajna
Gaz Metan Mediaş2-2Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
F.C. Botoşani0-0F.C. Braşov
Rapid Bucureşti0-3Dinamo Bucureşti
CSU Craiova1-0ASA Tîrgu Mureş
F.C. Viitorul1-3Petrolul Ploieşti
Steaua Bucureşti0-0Astra Giurgiu
Pandurii Târgu Jiu4-0Oţelul Galaţi
CFR 1907 Cluj1-0Universitatea Cluj

Game week 10

1Steaua Bucureşti10261123-627
2CFR 1907 Cluj10341218-625
3Petrolul Ploieşti10242220-922
4Dinamo Bucureşti10234118-921
5Astra Giurgiu102412119-820
6ASA Tîrgu Mureş101412215-820
7F.C. Botoşani105111212-1416
8F.C. Braşov1012132113-1414
9Gaz Metan Mediaş1012123112-1413
10Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ103212210-1612
11CSU Craiova10312319-1512
12Universitatea Cluj1032510-1011
13Pandurii Târgu Jiu101143110-1410
14F.C. Viitorul1021259-1410
15Concordia Chiajna10212418-179
16Rapid Bucureşti1023416-148
17CSMS Iaşi1013515-164
18Oţelul Galaţi1012434-172

Fixtures / Results

F.C. Braşov2-0CSMS Iaşi
Concordia Chiajna0-0Rapid Bucureşti
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ0-1F.C. Botoşani
Universitatea Cluj2-0Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Petrolul Ploieşti1-0Gaz Metan Mediaş
Oţelul Galaţi0-3Steaua Bucureşti
Astra Giurgiu0-1F.C. Viitorul
Dinamo Bucureşti1-1CSU Craiova
ASA Tîrgu Mureş2-0CFR 1907 Cluj

Game week 11

1Steaua Bucureşti11361127-731
2CFR 1907 Cluj11351220-728
3Petrolul Ploieşti11252222-925
4Astra Giurgiu112422120-921
5Dinamo Bucureşti11234219-1121
6ASA Tîrgu Mureş111413216-921
7F.C. Botoşani115211214-1618
8F.C. Braşov1113132114-1417
9Gaz Metan Mediaş1112133113-1514
10F.C. Viitorul111212512-1414
11CSU Craiova113133110-1613
12Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ113213210-1812
13Pandurii Târgu Jiu111153111-1511
14Universitatea Cluj11325111-1410
15Concordia Chiajna11213419-1810
16Rapid Bucureşti1123516-158
17CSMS Iaşi1123517-186
18Oţelul Galaţi1112444-201

Fixtures / Results

CSMS Iaşi2-2F.C. Botoşani
Rapid Bucureşti0-1F.C. Braşov
F.C. Viitorul3-0Oţelul Galaţi
Pandurii Târgu Jiu1-1ASA Tîrgu Mureş
CFR 1907 Cluj2-1Dinamo Bucureşti
CSU Craiova1-1Concordia Chiajna
Gaz Metan Mediaş1-1Astra Giurgiu
Steaua Bucureşti4-1Universitatea Cluj
Petrolul Ploieşti2-0Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ

Game week 12

1Steaua Bucureşti12361227-831
2CFR 1907 Cluj12352221-829
3Petrolul Ploieşti12253222-926
4Dinamo Bucureşti12244222-1324
5ASA Tîrgu Mureş121513217-924
6Astra Giurgiu122432120-922
7F.C. Botoşani1215211217-1622
8F.C. Braşov1213133116-1717
9F.C. Viitorul121222514-1616
10CSU Craiova124133113-1816
11Gaz Metan Mediaş1212143114-1615
12Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ123313212-2014
13Universitatea Cluj123125113-1612
14Pandurii Târgu Jiu121154113-1811
15Concordia Chiajna122144110-1911
16CSMS Iaşi1233519-208
17Rapid Bucureşti1223526-187
18Oţelul Galaţi1213445-212

Fixtures / Results

Oţelul Galaţi1-1Gaz Metan Mediaş
F.C. Braşov2-3CSU Craiova
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ2-2CSMS Iaşi
Universitatea Cluj2-2F.C. Viitorul
F.C. Botoşani3-0Rapid Bucureşti
Concordia Chiajna1-1CFR 1907 Cluj
Dinamo Bucureşti3-2Pandurii Târgu Jiu
ASA Tîrgu Mureş1-0Steaua Bucureşti
Astra Giurgiu0-0Petrolul Ploieşti

Game week 13

1Steaua Bucureşti13461230-835
2CFR 1907 Cluj13352322-1029
3Petrolul Ploieşti13254222-927
4Astra Giurgiu132532122-1025
5ASA Tîrgu Mureş131514217-925
6Dinamo Bucureşti132442122-1623
7F.C. Botoşani1315212218-1822
8F.C. Braşov1314133118-1820
9CSU Craiova135133115-1919
10F.C. Viitorul131223514-1617
11Gaz Metan Mediaş1312153115-1716
12Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ133314213-2214
13Universitatea Cluj133135114-1713
14Pandurii Târgu Jiu131164114-1912
15Concordia Chiajna132154111-2012
16CSMS Iaşi131335110-2011
17Rapid Bucureşti1323626-197
18Oţelul Galaţi1314445-213

Fixtures / Results

Steaua Bucureşti3-0Dinamo Bucureşti
Gaz Metan Mediaş1-1Universitatea Cluj
CSU Craiova2-1F.C. Botoşani
Astra Giurgiu2-1Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
F.C. Viitorul0-0ASA Tîrgu Mureş
Petrolul Ploieşti0-0Oţelul Galaţi
CFR 1907 Cluj1-2F.C. Braşov
Rapid Bucureşti0-1CSMS Iaşi
Pandurii Târgu Jiu1-1Concordia Chiajna

Game week 14

1Steaua Bucureşti14471231-838
2CFR 1907 Cluj14362323-1032
3Petrolul Ploieşti14354225-931
4ASA Tîrgu Mureş141614219-928
5Astra Giurgiu142542123-1126
6Dinamo Bucureşti142443124-1923
7F.C. Botoşani1415213218-1922
8CSU Craiova146133118-2022
9F.C. Viitorul141323517-1820
10F.C. Braşov1414133218-2119
11Pandurii Târgu Jiu142164117-1916
12Gaz Metan Mediaş1412154115-1916
13Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ143324214-2315
14Universitatea Cluj143135214-2012
15Concordia Chiajna142155111-2112
16CSMS Iaşi141336111-2311
17Rapid Bucureşti1424627-208
18Oţelul Galaţi1415446-224

Fixtures / Results

ASA Tîrgu Mureş2-0Gaz Metan Mediaş
Dinamo Bucureşti2-3F.C. Viitorul
F.C. Braşov0-3Pandurii Târgu Jiu
F.C. Botoşani0-1CFR 1907 Cluj
Universitatea Cluj0-3Petrolul Ploieşti
CSMS Iaşi1-3CSU Craiova
Oţelul Galaţi1-1Astra Giurgiu
Concordia Chiajna0-1Steaua Bucureşti
Rapid Bucureşti1-1Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ

Game week 15

1Steaua Bucureşti15481233-841
2CFR 1907 Cluj15462327-1036
3Petrolul Ploieşti15364227-934
4ASA Tîrgu Mureş151614319-1128
5Astra Giurgiu152552124-1227
6Dinamo Bucureşti152543126-2026
7F.C. Botoşani1516213220-2025
8CSU Craiova157133120-2025
9F.C. Viitorul151333519-2022
10F.C. Braşov1514134218-2319
11Pandurii Târgu Jiu152165118-2116
12Gaz Metan Mediaş1512155116-2116
13Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ153325214-2415
14Concordia Chiajna152255113-2314
15Universitatea Cluj153145215-2113
16CSMS Iaşi151336211-2710
17Rapid Bucureşti1524727-228
18Oţelul Galaţi1525447-227

Fixtures / Results

F.C. Viitorul2-2Concordia Chiajna
Gaz Metan Mediaş1-2Dinamo Bucureşti
Astra Giurgiu1-1Universitatea Cluj
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ0-1Oţelul Galaţi
Steaua Bucureşti2-0F.C. Braşov
Pandurii Târgu Jiu1-2F.C. Botoşani
CFR 1907 Cluj4-0CSMS Iaşi
Petrolul Ploieşti2-0ASA Tîrgu Mureş
CSU Craiova2-0Rapid Bucureşti

Game week 16

1Steaua Bucureşti16491235-844
2CFR 1907 Cluj16463327-1037
3Petrolul Ploieşti16365227-935
4ASA Tîrgu Mureş161615319-1129
5Astra Giurgiu162562124-1228
6CSU Craiova168133122-2028
7Dinamo Bucureşti162553126-2027
8F.C. Viitorul161433522-2125
9F.C. Botoşani1616214220-2225
10F.C. Braşov1614135219-2619
11Concordia Chiajna163255115-2317
12Gaz Metan Mediaş1612156116-2316
13Pandurii Târgu Jiu162165218-2415
14Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ163326214-2615
15Universitatea Cluj163155215-2114
16CSMS Iaşi1611336214-2714
17Rapid Bucureşti1625727-229
18Oţelul Galaţi1626447-228

Fixtures / Results

Concordia Chiajna2-0Gaz Metan Mediaş
CSMS Iaşi3-0Pandurii Târgu Jiu
CSU Craiova2-0Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
Universitatea Cluj0-0Oţelul Galaţi
Rapid Bucureşti0-0CFR 1907 Cluj
F.C. Braşov1-3F.C. Viitorul
ASA Tîrgu Mureş0-0Astra Giurgiu
Dinamo Bucureşti0-0Petrolul Ploieşti
F.C. Botoşani0-2Steaua Bucureşti

Game week 17

1Steaua Bucureşti174101236-847
2CFR 1907 Cluj17464327-1038
3Petrolul Ploieşti173615229-1137
4Astra Giurgiu173562130-1332
5ASA Tîrgu Mureş171715321-1132
6CSU Craiova178143122-2029
7F.C. Botoşani1717214222-2328
8Dinamo Bucureşti172553227-2626
9F.C. Viitorul171433623-2325
10Gaz Metan Mediaş1713156118-2419
11F.C. Braşov1714136220-2819
12Concordia Chiajna173355117-2519
13Universitatea Cluj1713155221-2118
14Pandurii Târgu Jiu172265220-2418
15CSMS Iaşi1711337214-2814
16Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ173326314-3214
17Rapid Bucureşti1725827-249
18Oţelul Galaţi1726547-248

Fixtures / Results

Gaz Metan Mediaş2-1F.C. Braşov
F.C. Viitorul1-2F.C. Botoşani
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ0-6Universitatea Cluj
Pandurii Târgu Jiu2-0Rapid Bucureşti
Astra Giurgiu6-1Dinamo Bucureşti
Oţelul Galaţi0-2ASA Tîrgu Mureş
Steaua Bucureşti1-0CSMS Iaşi
CFR 1907 Cluj0-0CSU Craiova
Petrolul Ploieşti2-2Concordia Chiajna

Game week 18

1Steaua Bucureşti184101336-947
2Petrolul Ploieşti183715230-1140
3CFR 1907 Cluj18465327-1039
4ASA Tîrgu Mureş182715324-1136
5Astra Giurgiu1835162132-1534
6CSU Craiova189143123-2032
7Dinamo Bucureşti182653228-2629
8F.C. Botoşani1817224223-2429
9F.C. Viitorul1814336123-2624
10Concordia Chiajna183455119-2721
11Gaz Metan Mediaş1813166119-2520
12F.C. Braşov1814137220-2919
13Pandurii Târgu Jiu182266220-2518
14CSMS Iaşi1821337217-2818
15Universitatea Cluj1813155321-2417
16Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ183336314-3215
17Rapid Bucureşti1835828-2412
18Oţelul Galaţi1826647-258

Fixtures / Results

F.C. Viitorul0-3CSMS Iaşi
Petrolul Ploieşti1-0F.C. Braşov
Gaz Metan Mediaş1-1F.C. Botoşani
Oţelul Galaţi0-1Dinamo Bucureşti
Astra Giurgiu2-2Concordia Chiajna
Universitatea Cluj0-3ASA Tîrgu Mureş
Steaua Bucureşti0-1Rapid Bucureşti
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ0-0CFR 1907 Cluj
Pandurii Târgu Jiu0-1CSU Craiova

Game week 19

1Steaua Bucureşti194102336-948
2Petrolul Ploieşti193815231-1143
3ASA Tîrgu Mureş193715327-1140
4CFR 1907 Cluj194653127-1438
5Astra Giurgiu1935172133-1635
6Dinamo Bucureşti193653231-2633
7CSU Craiova199153123-2033
8F.C. Botoşani1917225223-2529
9F.C. Viitorul1914346123-2625
10Concordia Chiajna1913455122-2725
11Pandurii Târgu Jiu193266224-2522
12CSMS Iaşi1922337218-2821
13Gaz Metan Mediaş1913167119-2620
14F.C. Braşov1914147221-3020
15Universitatea Cluj1913155421-2716
16Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ193336414-3514
17Rapid Bucureşti1936828-2413
18Oţelul Galaţi1926657-287

Fixtures / Results

Concordia Chiajna3-0Oţelul Galaţi
F.C. Botoşani0-1Petrolul Ploieşti
CSMS Iaşi1-0Gaz Metan Mediaş
Dinamo Bucureşti3-0Universitatea Cluj
CSU Craiova0-0Steaua Bucureşti
CFR 1907 Cluj0-4Pandurii Târgu Jiu
F.C. Braşov1-1Astra Giurgiu
ASA Tîrgu Mureş3-0Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
Rapid Bucureşti0-0F.C. Viitorul

Game week 20

1Steaua Bucureşti204112337-951
2Petrolul Ploieşti203815331-1343
3ASA Tîrgu Mureş203815329-1243
4Astra Giurgiu2036172135-1638
5CFR 1907 Cluj204654127-1538
6CSU Craiova209163124-2134
7Dinamo Bucureşti203654232-2833
8F.C. Botoşani2017226223-2729
9F.C. Viitorul2014356124-2726
10Concordia Chiajna2013465122-2726
11CSMS Iaşi2023337220-2824
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu203276225-2623
13F.C. Braşov2014157222-3121
14Gaz Metan Mediaş2013168119-2720
15Universitatea Cluj2013165421-2717
16Rapid Bucureşti2046829-2416
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ203346415-3615
18Oţelul Galaţi2027658-298

Fixtures / Results

Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ1-1Pandurii Târgu Jiu
ASA Tîrgu Mureş2-1Dinamo Bucureşti
Oţelul Galaţi1-1F.C. Braşov
Astra Giurgiu2-0F.C. Botoşani
Universitatea Cluj0-0Concordia Chiajna
F.C. Viitorul1-1CSU Craiova
Steaua Bucureşti1-0CFR 1907 Cluj
Petrolul Ploieşti0-2CSMS Iaşi
Gaz Metan Mediaş0-1Rapid Bucureşti

Game week 21

1Steaua Bucureşti214112438-1251
2Petrolul Ploieşti213816332-1444
3ASA Tîrgu Mureş213816329-1244
4Astra Giurgiu2136173135-1738
5CFR 1907 Cluj214655128-1738
6Dinamo Bucureşti213754235-2936
7CSU Craiova219173125-2235
8F.C. Botoşani2117236224-2830
9F.C. Viitorul2115356126-2829
10Concordia Chiajna2113475122-2727
11CSMS Iaşi2124337221-2827
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu213376228-2726
13F.C. Braşov2115157223-3124
14Gaz Metan Mediaş2113178120-2821
15Universitatea Cluj2113166421-2817
16Rapid Bucureşti21478210-2517
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ213347416-3915
18Oţelul Galaţi2128659-309

Fixtures / Results

Concordia Chiajna0-0ASA Tîrgu Mureş
F.C. Braşov1-0Universitatea Cluj
Rapid Bucureşti1-1Petrolul Ploieşti
CSU Craiova1-1Gaz Metan Mediaş
F.C. Botoşani1-1Oţelul Galaţi
Dinamo Bucureşti3-1Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
CSMS Iaşi1-0Astra Giurgiu
CFR 1907 Cluj1-2F.C. Viitorul
Pandurii Târgu Jiu3-1Steaua Bucureşti

Game week 22

1Steaua Bucureşti224122439-1254
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş223916330-1247
3Petrolul Ploieşti223816433-1644
4Astra Giurgiu2237173137-1741
5CFR 1907 Cluj224665128-1739
6CSU Craiova2210173127-2338
7Dinamo Bucureşti223754335-3235
8F.C. Viitorul2225356130-2833
9Concordia Chiajna2223475125-2731
10F.C. Botoşani2217246224-2831
11CSMS Iaşi2224347221-2828
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu223376328-3125
13F.C. Braşov2215158223-3224
14Gaz Metan Mediaş2213188120-2822
15Universitatea Cluj2213176421-2818
16Rapid Bucureşti22479210-2717
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ223348416-4015
18Oţelul Galaţi2229659-3010

Fixtures / Results

ASA Tîrgu Mureş1-0F.C. Braşov
Universitatea Cluj0-0F.C. Botoşani
Dinamo Bucureşti0-3Concordia Chiajna
Petrolul Ploieşti1-2CSU Craiova
Oţelul Galaţi0-0CSMS Iaşi
Astra Giurgiu2-0Rapid Bucureşti
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ0-1Steaua Bucureşti
F.C. Viitorul4-0Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Gaz Metan Mediaş0-0CFR 1907 Cluj

Game week 23

1Steaua Bucureşti235122443-1358
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş2331016332-1350
3Petrolul Ploieşti233916434-1647
4Astra Giurgiu2337183137-1742
5CFR 1907 Cluj234666128-1839
6CSU Craiova2310183127-2339
7Dinamo Bucureşti233755335-3335
8F.C. Viitorul2325356231-3232
9Concordia Chiajna2323476125-2831
10F.C. Botoşani2317247225-3031
11CSMS Iaşi2325347223-2831
12F.C. Braşov2316158224-3227
13Pandurii Târgu Jiu233377328-3225
14Gaz Metan Mediaş2314188121-2825
15Rapid Bucureşti23579212-2720
16Universitatea Cluj2313177421-3018
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ234348417-4018
18Oţelul Galaţi2329759-3210

Fixtures / Results

F.C. Botoşani1-2ASA Tîrgu Mureş
CSU Craiova0-0Astra Giurgiu
Rapid Bucureşti2-0Oţelul Galaţi
F.C. Braşov1-0Dinamo Bucureşti
Pandurii Târgu Jiu0-1Gaz Metan Mediaş
CFR 1907 Cluj0-1Petrolul Ploieşti
Steaua Bucureşti4-1F.C. Viitorul
Concordia Chiajna0-1Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
CSMS Iaşi2-0Universitatea Cluj

Game week 24

1Steaua Bucureşti245132445-1461
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş2431116333-1353
3Petrolul Ploieşti243916534-1747
4Astra Giurgiu2437184137-1842
5CFR 1907 Cluj244766129-1842
6CSU Craiova2411183128-2342
7Dinamo Bucureşti243765335-3336
8F.C. Viitorul2426356233-3335
9Concordia Chiajna2423486126-2932
10F.C. Botoşani2417257225-3032
11CSMS Iaşi2425348223-2931
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu243477329-3228
13F.C. Braşov2416168225-3328
14Gaz Metan Mediaş2414189122-3025
15Universitatea Cluj2414177422-3021
16Rapid Bucureşti245710212-2820
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ244349418-4218
18Oţelul Galaţi2429859-3310

Fixtures / Results

ASA Tîrgu Mureş1-0CSMS Iaşi
Dinamo Bucureşti0-0F.C. Botoşani
Oţelul Galaţi0-1CSU Craiova
Astra Giurgiu0-1CFR 1907 Cluj
Universitatea Cluj1-0Rapid Bucureşti
Concordia Chiajna1-1F.C. Braşov
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ1-2F.C. Viitorul
Gaz Metan Mediaş1-2Steaua Bucureşti
Petrolul Ploieşti0-1Pandurii Târgu Jiu

Game week 25

1Steaua Bucureşti255132545-1561
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş2531216335-1456
3Petrolul Ploieşti2531016535-1750
4CSU Craiova25111183131-2346
5CFR 1907 Cluj254866130-1845
6Astra Giurgiu2537194138-1943
7F.C. Viitorul2527356234-3338
8Dinamo Bucureşti253766335-3436
9F.C. Botoşani2527257228-3036
10CSMS Iaşi2526348224-2934
11Concordia Chiajna2523486226-3231
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu253487330-3329
13F.C. Braşov2516169225-3528
14Gaz Metan Mediaş25141810122-3125
15Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ255349420-4221
16Universitatea Cluj2514177522-3320
17Rapid Bucureşti255711213-3020
18Oţelul Galaţi2529959-3410

Fixtures / Results

CSU Craiova3-0Universitatea Cluj
CFR 1907 Cluj1-0Oţelul Galaţi
CSMS Iaşi1-0Dinamo Bucureşti
F.C. Botoşani3-0Concordia Chiajna
F.C. Viitorul1-0Gaz Metan Mediaş
Rapid Bucureşti1-2ASA Tîrgu Mureş
F.C. Braşov0-2Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
Pandurii Târgu Jiu1-1Astra Giurgiu
Steaua Bucureşti0-1Petrolul Ploieşti

Game week 26

1Steaua Bucureşti265133545-1562
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş2631316337-1559
3Petrolul Ploieşti2631016636-1950
4CSU Craiova26111184132-2546
5CFR 1907 Cluj264867130-1945
6Astra Giurgiu26371104138-1944
7F.C. Viitorul2628356236-3441
8Dinamo Bucureşti263866337-3439
9F.C. Botoşani2628257229-3039
10Concordia Chiajna2624486228-3334
11CSMS Iaşi2626349225-3134
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu263587332-3332
13F.C. Braşov26161610225-3628
14Gaz Metan Mediaş26141910122-3126
15Universitatea Cluj2615177523-3323
16Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ265359420-4222
17Rapid Bucureşti265712213-3220
18Oţelul Galaţi26291059-3610

Fixtures / Results

Universitatea Cluj1-0CFR 1907 Cluj
Concordia Chiajna2-1CSMS Iaşi
ASA Tîrgu Mureş2-1CSU Craiova
Dinamo Bucureşti2-0Rapid Bucureşti
F.C. Braşov0-1F.C. Botoşani
Astra Giurgiu0-0Steaua Bucureşti
Oţelul Galaţi0-2Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ0-0Gaz Metan Mediaş
Petrolul Ploieşti1-2F.C. Viitorul

Game week 27

1Steaua Bucureşti275133646-1762
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş2731326339-1761
3Petrolul Ploieşti2731017636-1951
4CFR 1907 Cluj2748167132-2147
5CSU Craiova27111194132-2547
6Astra Giurgiu27371105138-2144
7F.C. Viitorul2729356238-3444
8F.C. Botoşani2729257231-3042
9Dinamo Bucureşti273876337-3440
10CSMS Iaşi2727349226-3137
11Concordia Chiajna2724487228-3434
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu273588332-3432
13F.C. Braşov27161611225-3728
14Gaz Metan Mediaş271411010122-3127
15Universitatea Cluj2716177524-3326
16Rapid Bucureşti276712214-3223
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ2753510420-4422
18Oţelul Galaţi273910511-3713

Fixtures / Results

CSMS Iaşi1-0F.C. Braşov
CFR 1907 Cluj2-2ASA Tîrgu Mureş
F.C. Botoşani2-0Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
F.C. Viitorul2-0Astra Giurgiu
Gaz Metan Mediaş0-0Petrolul Ploieşti
CSU Craiova0-0Dinamo Bucureşti
Steaua Bucureşti1-2Oţelul Galaţi
Pandurii Târgu Jiu0-1Universitatea Cluj
Rapid Bucureşti1-0Concordia Chiajna

Game week 28

1Steaua Bucureşti286133649-1766
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş2831426341-1864
3Petrolul Ploieşti2831018637-2052
4CSU Craiova28111294134-2749
5CFR 1907 Cluj2848177133-2248
6Astra Giurgiu28371106139-2344
7F.C. Viitorul2829356338-3743
8F.C. Botoşani2829267231-3043
9Dinamo Bucureşti283886338-3541
10CSMS Iaşi2827359226-3138
11Concordia Chiajna2824587230-3636
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu283589333-3632
13Gaz Metan Mediaş281511010124-3230
14F.C. Braşov28161612226-3928
15Rapid Bucureşti287712216-3326
16Universitatea Cluj2816177624-3625
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ2853610421-4523
18Oţelul Galaţi2813910514-3717

Fixtures / Results

Concordia Chiajna2-2CSU Craiova
F.C. Braşov1-2Rapid Bucureşti
Dinamo Bucureşti1-1CFR 1907 Cluj
F.C. Botoşani0-0CSMS Iaşi
ASA Tîrgu Mureş2-1Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Universitatea Cluj0-3Steaua Bucureşti
Oţelul Galaţi3-0F.C. Viitorul
Astra Giurgiu1-2Gaz Metan Mediaş
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ1-1Petrolul Ploieşti

Game week 29

1ASA Tîrgu Mureş2931526342-1867
2Steaua Bucureşti296133749-1866
3Petrolul Ploieşti2931018738-2252
4CFR 1907 Cluj2949177135-2351
5CSU Craiova29111295134-2849
6Astra Giurgiu29381106141-2447
7F.C. Botoşani2929367233-3245
8F.C. Viitorul2929366339-3844
9Dinamo Bucureşti293887340-3841
10CSMS Iaşi2928359228-3141
11Concordia Chiajna2924588231-3836
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu293689336-3835
13Gaz Metan Mediaş291511110124-3231
14F.C. Braşov29171612227-3931
15Rapid Bucureşti2971712218-3528
16Universitatea Cluj2916187625-3726
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ2953611421-4723
18Oţelul Galaţi29131010514-3718

Fixtures / Results

CFR 1907 Cluj2-1Concordia Chiajna
Rapid Bucureşti2-2F.C. Botoşani
Pandurii Târgu Jiu3-2Dinamo Bucureşti
CSU Craiova0-1F.C. Braşov
F.C. Viitorul1-1Universitatea Cluj
Steaua Bucureşti0-1ASA Tîrgu Mureş
Gaz Metan Mediaş0-0Oţelul Galaţi
CSMS Iaşi2-0Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
Petrolul Ploieşti1-2Astra Giurgiu

Game week 30

1ASA Tîrgu Mureş3041526348-1971
2Steaua Bucureşti306143752-1969
3Petrolul Ploieşti3031019739-2353
4CFR 1907 Cluj3049277137-2553
5Astra Giurgiu30391106144-2550
6CSU Craiova30111296134-3049
7F.C. Botoşani30210367235-3248
8F.C. Viitorul3029366440-4443
9CSMS Iaşi3028369228-3142
10Dinamo Bucureşti303888341-4141
11Concordia Chiajna3025588232-3839
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu3036810336-3935
13F.C. Braşov30172612229-4133
14Gaz Metan Mediaş301511210125-3332
15Rapid Bucureşti3071812218-3529
16Universitatea Cluj3016197626-3827
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ3053612422-5023
18Oţelul Galaţi30131110515-3819

Fixtures / Results

Concordia Chiajna1-0Pandurii Târgu Jiu
F.C. Braşov2-2CFR 1907 Cluj
ASA Tîrgu Mureş6-1F.C. Viitorul
F.C. Botoşani2-0CSU Craiova
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ1-3Astra Giurgiu
Universitatea Cluj1-1Gaz Metan Mediaş
Dinamo Bucureşti1-3Steaua Bucureşti
Oţelul Galaţi1-1Petrolul Ploieşti
CSMS Iaşi0-0Rapid Bucureşti

Game week 31

1Steaua Bucureşti3161413754-2171
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş3141526448-2071
3CFR 1907 Cluj3159277141-2557
4Petrolul Ploieşti3131119740-2356
5Astra Giurgiu31491106148-2654
6CSU Craiova31111297134-3149
7F.C. Botoşani31210367335-3647
8CSMS Iaşi3129369229-3145
9Dinamo Bucureşti313988343-4144
10F.C. Viitorul3129367440-4643
11Concordia Chiajna3125688234-4041
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu3137810338-3938
13Gaz Metan Mediaş311611210126-3335
14F.C. Braşov31172613229-4333
15Rapid Bucureşti3181812219-3532
16Universitatea Cluj3116198626-3927
17Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ3153613422-5123
18Oţelul Galaţi31131110616-4218

Fixtures / Results

Pandurii Târgu Jiu2-0F.C. Braşov
F.C. Viitorul0-2Dinamo Bucureşti
CSU Craiova0-1CSMS Iaşi
Petrolul Ploieşti1-0Universitatea Cluj
CFR 1907 Cluj4-0F.C. Botoşani
Gaz Metan Mediaş1-0ASA Tîrgu Mureş
Steaua Bucureşti2-2Concordia Chiajna
Astra Giurgiu4-1Oţelul Galaţi
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ0-1Rapid Bucureşti

Game week 32

1Steaua Bucureşti3261513757-2374
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş3241626449-2074
3CFR 1907 Cluj3269277144-2561
4Petrolul Ploieşti3231119840-2456
5Astra Giurgiu32491116148-2655
6CSU Craiova32112297136-3252
7F.C. Botoşani32210377336-3748
8Dinamo Bucureşti323998344-4245
9Concordia Chiajna3226688236-4044
10CSMS Iaşi3229369329-3444
11F.C. Viitorul3229368440-4843
12Pandurii Târgu Jiu3237910339-4039
13Gaz Metan Mediaş321611310127-3436
14F.C. Braşov32172614231-4633
15Rapid Bucureşti3281813220-3732
16Universitatea Cluj32161108626-3928
17Oţelul Galaţi32231110620-4322
18Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ3253613523-5522

Fixtures / Results

F.C. Botoşani1-1Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Dinamo Bucureşti1-1Gaz Metan Mediaş
CSMS Iaşi0-3CFR 1907 Cluj
F.C. Braşov2-3Steaua Bucureşti
ASA Tîrgu Mureş1-0Petrolul Ploieşti
Concordia Chiajna2-0F.C. Viitorul
Oţelul Galaţi4-1Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
Rapid Bucureşti1-2CSU Craiova
Universitatea Cluj0-0Astra Giurgiu

Game week 33

1Steaua Bucureşti3361613759-2377
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş3341626550-2374
3CFR 1907 Cluj33610277146-2664
4Astra Giurgiu334101116151-2758
5Petrolul Ploieşti33311198140-2755
6CSU Craiova33112298137-3452
7Dinamo Bucureşti334998347-4249
8F.C. Botoşani33210378336-3948
9Concordia Chiajna3326689236-4244
10Pandurii Târgu Jiu3347910344-4243
11CSMS Iaşi3329369431-3943
12F.C. Viitorul3329369440-5043
13Gaz Metan Mediaş331711310129-3439
14F.C. Braşov33182614233-4636
15Rapid Bucureşti3381814221-3932
16Universitatea Cluj33161109627-4128
17Oţelul Galaţi33241110622-4425
18Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ3363613525-5625

Fixtures / Results

Gaz Metan Mediaş2-0Concordia Chiajna
Petrolul Ploieşti0-3Dinamo Bucureşti
Oţelul Galaţi2-1Universitatea Cluj
F.C. Viitorul0-2F.C. Braşov
CFR 1907 Cluj2-1Rapid Bucureşti
Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ2-1CSU Craiova
Pandurii Târgu Jiu5-2CSMS Iaşi
Astra Giurgiu3-1ASA Tîrgu Mureş
Steaua Bucureşti2-0F.C. Botoşani

Game week 34

1Steaua Bucureşti3461614759-2378
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş3441626651-2574
3CFR 1907 Cluj34610277246-2963
4Astra Giurgiu344111116153-2761
5CSU Craiova34212298140-3456
6Petrolul Ploieşti34311199142-3055
7F.C. Botoşani34210478340-4350
8Dinamo Bucureşti344999347-4449
9Concordia Chiajna3427689239-4447
10Pandurii Târgu Jiu3457910347-4247
11F.C. Viitorul3429469444-5445
12CSMS Iaşi3429379431-3944
13Gaz Metan Mediaş341711410129-3440
14F.C. Braşov34182714233-4637
15Universitatea Cluj34171109629-4131
16Rapid Bucureşti3481814321-4231
17Oţelul Galaţi34251110624-4528
18Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ3463614525-5825

Fixtures / Results

Rapid Bucureşti0-3Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Universitatea Cluj2-0Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ
Concordia Chiajna3-2Petrolul Ploieşti
F.C. Braşov0-0Gaz Metan Mediaş
CSMS Iaşi0-0Steaua Bucureşti
ASA Tîrgu Mureş1-2Oţelul Galaţi
F.C. Botoşani4-4F.C. Viitorul
Dinamo Bucureşti0-2Astra Giurgiu
CSU Craiova3-0CFR 1907 Cluj

My League Table

1Steaua Bucureşti3461614759-2378
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş3441626651-2574
3CFR 1907 Cluj34610277246-2963
4Astra Giurgiu344111116153-2761
5CSU Craiova34212298140-3456
6Petrolul Ploieşti34311199142-3055
7F.C. Botoşani34210478340-4350
8Dinamo Bucureşti344999347-4449
9Concordia Chiajna3427689239-4447
10Pandurii Târgu Jiu3457910347-4247
11F.C. Viitorul3429469444-5445
12CSMS Iaşi3429379431-3944
13Gaz Metan Mediaş341711410129-3440
14F.C. Braşov34182714233-4637
15Universitatea Cluj34171109629-4131
16Rapid Bucureşti3481814321-4231
17Oţelul Galaţi34251110624-4528
18Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ3463614525-5825

The Official League Table

1Steaua Bucureşti34225759-2371
2ASA Tîrgu Mureş34208651-2568
3CFR 1907 Cluj34169946-2957
4Astra Giurgiu341512753-2757
5CSU Craiova341411940-3453
6Petrolul Ploieşti3414101042-3052
7Dinamo Bucureşti341391247-4448
8F.C. Botoşani3412111140-4347
9Pandurii Târgu Jiu341291347-4245
10CSMS Iaşi3411101331-3943
11F.C. Viitorul3411101344-5443
12Concordia Chiajna349141139-4441
13Gaz Metan Mediaş348151129-3439
14F.C. Braşov34991633-4636
15Universitatea Cluj348111529-4135
16Rapid Bucureşti34891721-4233
17Oţelul Galaţi347111624-4532
18Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ34691925-5827


Matches played.
Matches won by 3 or more. 4 points awarded.
Matches won by 1 or 2. 3 points awarded.
Matches drawn, at least 4 goals scored. 2 points awarded.
Matches drawn, final score 0-0 or 1-1. 1 point awarded.
Matches lost by 1 or 2. No points awarded.
Matches lost by 3 or more. 1 point deducted.
Matches goals for - matches goals against.